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We’re your partners in ocean exploration through a range of specialized courses and experiences.


For surfers and windsurfers seeking to elevate their water skills, our Surf Survival Course is designed
to improve breath-holding techniques, ensuring surfers can confidently ride bigger waves safely.


Discover freediving with our courses tailored to all levels, from beginner to experienced, our instructors will
teach you breath-hold diving, enhancing your skills and deepening your connection with the underwater world.


Embark on our next ocean adventures with our worldwide freediving expeditions. These trips
are designed to provide a mix of exploration and education, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Capture the beauty beneath the surface with our underwater photography course. Learn the art of

capturing marine life through the lens, turning your passion for the ocean into stories.

Dive with us into a world of adventures !



I'm a freediving instructor and a professional watersports photographer based in Tenerife.​

My journey into apnea began during my time in the Fire Brigade, first focused on water rescue operations.

I explored the many aspects of this fascinating discipline, which not only tested my physical and mental

limits but also expanded the horizons of my photographic career to the beauty of our world's oceans.


Drawing from my freediving knowledge, my military background, and my experience as a surf photographer

I decided to specialized in training big waves surfers to enhance their breath-holding abilities to handle challenging underwater situations. I first created this course while living in Tahiti, collectively working with

local surfers, then I partnered with professional surf instructors, accomplished coastguards

and elite athletes to refine and develop an efficient "Surf Survival" program.


The last years of travels have taken me to explore some of the most diverse spots, from the icy water of the

Arctic to the lagoons of the Indian Ocean, from the caves of the Atlantic to the sunken forests of the Pacific.


You can also see more of my photography work on my website :

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